Prince Philips/Robin Hood hat – Free Pattern Download

Prince Philips/Robin Hood hat – Free Pattern Download

Happy New year Friends! My first big project of the year is a color changing Sleeping Beauty dress which is as awesome as it sounds, and who would Briar Rose be without her animal friends? Well she wouldn’t have been singing in the woods for the prince to overhear, that’s for sure. So I made Emmie a hat like Briar Rose’s owl friend steals for a dance. Luckily her head is about the size of a toddler and I sized up the pattern. 

This would also make a good Robin Hood hat shape. 

Step 1: Print out your pattern (and possibly tape it together). Cut the hat pattern from felt. 

Step 1

Step 2: Sew along the green line until the blue snip line. Flip it right side out and stitch the rest of the line (the pin in the photo)

This can also be glued if you don’t want to sew. 

Step 2

Step 3: Trim the seam allowance at the tip of the hat

Step 3

Step 4: This is optional but I stitched down the seam allowance to make the seam lay flat. I was careful to not go through the whole outside layer to keep the stitches invisible. 

Alternatively if you have non polyester felt you can iron it or even glue these down. 

Step 4

Step 5: Cut the feather out of cardstock or a stiff fabric. Make cuts in the feather along the green lines

Step 5

Step 6: Stick the feather in the brim. I also stitched down the brim with the same invisible stitch. 

And you have your finished hat! Emmie has some opinions on actually wearing this hat but don’t listen to her, it’s a good hat. Check out her cameo in my upcoming YouTube video on my Sleeping Beauty dress! 

Emmie is well paid for her modeling skills. 

Download the files for free HERE

Tag me on your finished photos so I can see your work on Instagram! @adventuresofsarahandem  


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